Plasma and gas cutting

Plasma and gas cutting

We perform plasma and oxygen cutting with the use of the state-of-the-art CNC cutting machine. Maximum dimensions of a sheet are 6000x2000mm. The cutting machine is equipped with two burners one of which performs plasma cutting the other being an oxygen cutting burner. The CNC cutting machine is fully programmable. Details to be cut can be provided in the form of any computer file or as a hard copy. We offer services with the use of material provided by our customers or that available in our warehouse

HiFocus 100i precision plasma cutting unit

We use a modern HiFocus 100i „precision plasma cutting unit” manufactured by Kjellberg. Implementation of patented HiFocus and FiFinox cutting technologies ensures high precision of work. Our plasma cutting units allow the following materials to be cut:

  • stainless steel – up to 15 mm,
  • aluminium – up to 25 mm,
  • structural steel – up to 25 mm,
  • copper alloys – up to 25 mm.

Oxygen cutting
Oxygen cutting technology allows cutting carbon steel parts. Basic advantages of oxygen cutting include:

  • cutting of sheets up to 100 mm in thickness,
  • low cutting costs,
  • no edge bevelling after cutting,
  • possibility to cut any shape.